The seminars are addressed at individuals, companies, educational organizations, other private or public organizations, institutes, municipalities, etc. The specific subject matter and mode of delivery is adjusted to the particular needs and circumstances of the client. The common element of all seminars is that they consist of a theoretical and an experiential component which refers to the development of emotional intelligence qualities in the participants. The latter constitutes the most effective way for deep and permanent learning.

For further information regarding future seminar subjects, venues and schedules, please refer to the NEWS Section.

Seminars for Companies and Professionals:
Sample Titles:

  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Success
  • Dealing with Stress in the Family and Work Environment
  • Conflict management
  • Improving Personal and Professional Communication
  • Train the Trainers Programs
  • Team Building

Personal Growth and Therapeutic Seminars:
Sample Titles:

  • Assertive behavior: Expressing our needs effectively and maintaining boundaries in the persoanal and the work environment
  • Parents and Children: Effective Parenting Techniques with Peace
  • Parents and Adolescents: Dealing Effectively with the Challenge of Adolescence
  • Relationship Issies: Loss – Infidelity – Conflict
  • Depression: Prevention and Therapy
  • Therapy for the Heart
  • Understanding and Dealing with our Phobias: Methods and Techniques