Karaoulanis--1I understand therapy to be a process of self-discovery: a careful and assisted investigation into the ways we act, feel, think and relate to others in the present, and how all these have been influenced by our previous experiences. Additionally, therapy presents us with an excellent opportunity for maturity and for developing new and more effective ways to interact and communicate in our relationships.

For example, many times I have felt during therapy that people suffer from depression and anxiety when they remain in stagnated careers, unhappy relationships or a routine existence. Often the situation appears hopeless, but it is not because:

Like the rivers created by the continuously running water over the soil, repeated thoughts and emotions "carve" inflexible neural networks inside a person, which correspond to specific behavior tendencies. The more we utilize these networks, the more the same behaviors are reinforced and the harder it becomes to change them.

Despite the difficulty, through empathy and the use of a specific psychosomatic approach, it is possible to identify the above thoughts and emotions. The next step is to "carve" new neural and emotional networks resulting in new and flexible behaviors, which reflect the individual's true needs and wishes.




Healing the Heart


The focus of this two-day experiential workshop is on learning how to connect deeper with our heart and be able to feel, protect and nurture her. The heart is the center of our existence, so that a healthy heart is the prerequisite for healthy relationhsips, sexuality, spirituality and even survival.

The workshop takes place in two 6-hour sessions, usually during the course of a weekend. Each session is different and is adjusted to the needs of the specific group and individual persons.

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